USB 2.0 Ch8ck

The TestTool for USB 2.0 chapter 8 specification.

Ch8ck v2.00 for USB 2.0 is a software tool that runs automated compliance tests for the protocol layer of the 2.0 specification.
It supports hubs, low-speed devices, full-speed devices, high-speed devices as well as compound devices with built-in hubs.
Host controller support is available for UHCI, OHCI and EHCI host controllers of most vendors in the market.

Ch8ck offers a series of tests that can be performed on any low-speed, full-speed or high-speed device. Each test covers a specific section of chapter 8 of the USB 2.0 (and 1.1) specification and can be selected individually. Ch8ck offers three groups of tests, each covering a specific format of traffic.

Ch8ck automatically enumerates the connected USB devices. The USB device topology tree is comprehensively displayed in real-time. Testable devices are clearly indicated. Hubs can be selected to act as a hub or as the device under test.
To test a device, you can simply select it from the tree. You can test hub and non-hub devices. Ch8ck has a fully functional built-in USB subsystem so that any USB compliant hub device may serve as a connection point for your own device.

After selection of the tests to be performed, Ch8ck tests the device within a couple of seconds and generates an extensive HTML report.
To view the report, simply click the REPORT button and Ch8ck will display the results in a HTML viewer. Besides detailed information per test, the report also contains general information on the device and shows two different overviews of the endpoints usage.

As you’re developing your USB device in an early stage, you may want to submit your device to a thorough chapter 8 test without worrying about those timing constraints you may want to implement in a later stage. With Ch8ck you can apply extra power-up wait time before the device is being enumerated or you can provide for more reset recovery time at the beginning of each test

It generates detailed test reports in HTML format (an example can be found here)

It's highly recommend for USB silicon and or IP providers to run this test.

Beware that Ch8ck 2.0 is able to work on older OS's Windows XP, 2K, 98SE and some older USB Host controller.
New USB Host controllers may not be supported by the Ch8ck driver. Therefore we recommand to use an old PC system. A USB 2.0 PCI card with USB NEC B1 chipset (EHCI and OHCI) will work. xHCI are not supported.

The USB 2.0 Chapter 8 specification did not change and therefore all test cases are still valid. If you can life with the above OS and host limitations you can find more information on purchasing Ch8ck at our shop.