USB 3.0 SuperSpeed Link Layer 

The Link Test Specification covers USB 3.0 Physical (Chapter 6) Tests and USB 3.0 Link (Chapter 7) Tests for Device, Host and Hubs.

For USB-IF Device compliance it's mandatory to pass the following tests on LeCroy and Ellisys.

TD.6.1.1 Lane Polarity Inversion Test (No Invert)
TD.6.1 Lane Polarity Inversion Test
TD.6.2 Skip Test
TD.6.3 Elasticity Buffer Test
TD.6.4 LFPS Frequency Test
TD.6.5 Polling.LFPS Duration Test
TD.7.01 Link Bring-up Test
TD.7.02 Link Commands Framings Robustness Test
TD.7.03 Link Commands CRC-5 Robustness Test
TD.7.04 Invalid Link Commands Test
TD.7.05 Header Packet Framing Robustness Test
TD.7.06 Data Payload Packet Framing Robustness Test
TD.7.07 RX Header Packet Retransmission Test
TD.7.08 TX Header Packet Retransmission Test
TD.7.09 PENDING_HP_TIMER Deadline Test
TD.7.10 CREDIT_HP_TIMER Deadline Test
TD.7.11 PENDING_HP_TIMER Timeout Test
TD.7.12 CREDIT_HP_TIMER Timeout Test
TD.7.13 Wrong Header Sequence Test
TD.7.14 Wrong LGOOD_N Sequence Test
TD.7.15 Wrong LCRD_X Sequence Test
TD.7.16 Link Command Missing Test
TD.7.17 tPortConfiguration Time Timeout Test
TD.7.22 PM_ENTRY_TIMER Timeout Test Pass 
TD.7.23 Accepted Power Management Transaction for U1 Test
TD.7.24 Accepted Power Management Transaction for U2 Test
TD.7.25 Accepted Power Management Transaction for U3 Test
TD.7.26 Transition to U0 from Recovery Test
TD.7.27 Hot Reset Detection in Polling Test
TD.7.28 Hot Reset Detection in U0 Test
TD.7.30 Recovery on three consecutive failed RX Header Packets Test
TD.7.33 Exit Compliance Mode Test 
TD.7.37 Packet Pending Test

Note that Link Layer Host tests requires xHCICV and that Hubs requires Hub30CV.

Make sure that you use the latest LeCroy and Ellisys compliance software version!