Extended Interoperability

The goal of the Interoperability test is to give a balanced advice whether or not the DUT is able to operate properly and show functionality on, a large number of systems available on the market. The focus of this test is the correct operation and installation of DUT on a range of different USB Controllers/Hubs and OS’s and trying to catch malfunctioning behaviour detected in the field. 
The focus of this test will be on the correct operation and installation of the DUT. The device has to be able to show functionality.

Following tests will be performed:

- Control proper driver and software installation
- When required, check proper communication over USB
- Suspend test (S1/S3/S4/Hybrid Sleep/…) (when the system supports suspend)
- USB Topology change
- Cold & warm boot
- USB Hot detach & reattach
- USB Interoperability (in combination with other devices/hubs)
More in depth IOP tests can also be requested.

TL have a large variety of the systems available with:
- all OS’s of the market available (including embedded systems like Smart TV’s)
    - Microsoft OS’s, MAC OS’s, iOS’s, Andriod, Linux variants,
- most used Host controllers of all kind OHCI, UHCI, EHCI and xHCI
    - Intel, AMD, Via, TI, Fresco Logic, nVidia, Renesas …
- most used Full, High and Super Speed HUB silicons
    - SMSC, Genesys Logic, TI, VIA, Renesas …
- A large list of devices to
    - Webcams, Mass Storage, HID, Mobile phones, Audio, Readers, Printers, …

All these parameters can have an effect on the DUT behaviour.
A vendor can choose the number of systems the DUT is test against.

We can also offer this type of testing for hosts or embedded hosts where we can tests against a wide range of devices.

For more details please contact us at usb@testroniclabs.com