USB 2.0 Device testing

The USB 2.0 Device is covered in the USB 2.0 Spec

For the USB-IF Compliance program the Device should under go the following test:

USB 2.0 Device  High Speed Electrical Full Speed Signal Quality Low Speed Signal Quality Inrush Back Voltage Interoperability Goldtree USBCV Power consumption Battery Charging tests
High Speed    High Speed Y Y F Y Y Y Y Y F
Full Speed     Basic Speed Y F Y Y Y Y Y F
Low Speed    Basic Speed Y Y Y Y Y Y F

Y = Always required
F = Required if feature is supported

  • Check that the product complies with the USB-IF requirements of the USB-IF Compliance website
  • Complete the VIF file. You can download the USB Vendor Info File Generator at 
  • Make sure that the used cables and connectors are USB-IF certified !!! 
    • When device is Low speed make sure that the device uses a captive cable or use a vendor specific connector, not a standard receptacle.
In addition of the USB-IF Compliance program it's advisable to also perform following test.
  • Test the Checklist items
  • Intens Interoperability test
  • TDR Impedance
  • Real time EYE diagram
  • Testing under different temperatures conditions