USB 2.0 Host System testing

For the USB-IF Compliance program of a Host system that run x86 Windows OS should under go the following test:
USB 2.0 Host System
High Speed Electrical Full Speed Signal Quality Low Speed Signal Quality Vbus Drop Vbus Droop Interoperability  Battery Charging tests (CDP)
High Speed    High Speed Y Y F Y M Y F

Y = Always required
F = Required if feature is supported
M = Required if there are multiple downstream ports

When submitting for USB-IF Compliance also take care of the following:
- Full Speed Host systems are prohibited.
- Check that the product complies with the USB-IF requirements of the USB-IF Compliance website
- Complete the System Checklist
- Make sure that the used A-receptacles are USB-IF certified !!! (check the Integrators List - USB-IF members only-)

In addition of the USB-IF Compliance program it's advisable to also perform following test.

  • Overcurrent test
  • Intens Interoperability with many different devices
  • TDR Impedance measurement
  • Real time EYE diagram
  • Testing under different temperatures conditions 
  • Test the Checklist items that are not coverd in the compliance plan
  • High Speed disconnect detect test